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but people who are sharing their passion with you – DIVING.

Whether you are the absolute beginner, a professional, a senior diver or a kid – you get what you need for diving at all of our 5 diving centres based either on Mediterranean Sea or at the Red Sea. Find your personal long-desired destination on our website.

Besides our diving centre diving CRES in CROATIA you find 2 further diving centres based in the south of Red Sea at diving el FLAMENCO and diving ABU DABAB. We are as well in Bali with diving CANDIDASA and and recently you can dive with us in the mysterious cenotes of Mexico with diving CENOTES.

We – that is the team of diving.DE – believe that new ideas and reliable values can be combined. And have been proving this daily at our diving centres for over 15 years now.
Welcome to diving.DE and discover with us the splendid underwater life. Enjoy your best time of the year with us.

Your diving.DE – team


Egypt - Abu Dabab

The Malikia Resort and the diving.DE dive center in Abu Dabab are open regularly.

Egypt - Flamenco

The Flamenco Resort and the diving.DE diving center are open regularly.

Bali - Candidasa

The Candi-Beach & Spa Resort and the affiliated diving.DE center will be open again for international tourists from April 1st, 2022.

Croatia - Cres

diving Cres is open between 07.04. - 23.10.2022.

Croatia - Rabac

diving Rabac is open between 29.04. - 16.10.2022.

Mexico - Cenotes

Dirk's CenoteDiving base is open. Diving in the cenotes is possible without restrictions.

Austria - Weissensee

The diving center at lake Weissensee is open from 12.05. till 18.09.2022.

diving.DE -
diving is our passion

diving Quseir
El-Quseir, Egypt
at Silver Beach Hotel
7 km north of el Quseir

Tel.:   0020 122 241 6251
E-mail:   info@diving.de