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As SSI Advanced Open Water Diver you possess the skills and diving experience at a level that is incomparable to any other level of another scuba diving association worldwide. A SSI Advanced Open Water Diver is recognised higher than a PADI-AOWD diver. To reach the level of a SSI Advanced Open Water Diver you have to complete four full specialties and log at least 24 dives in your logbook.

You choose the four specialties and decide on the time schedule when you would like to take part in the specialty courses. It is recommended to include the specialties “Deep Diving” and “Navigation” to explore the depths of the underwater world, but yet to keep the orientation in all waters and to find your way back to the entry/exit point.

Apart from that you can choose from a big variety of specialty courses according to your interests. At least two out of four specialties have to be certified by SSI, two specialties certified by another scuba diving association are recognised by SSI.

As soon as you have completed all four specialties (proof by certifications) and logged the necessary number of dives (proof by logbook) you will be awarded with your Advanced Open Water Diver certification for free.

We give you directly your personal certification at our diving centres.

Advanced Open Water Diver: minimum age 15 years


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