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Widen your borders and become SSI Master Diver.

SSI Master Diver is one of the most elite ratings in diving industry today. Those who reached this level deserve indeed to be called “Master Diver” in regards to their knowledge level, diving experience and skills.

Prerequisite of this level is the completion of five specialties and at least 50 dives in your logbook. You can choose four out of five specialties according to your interests, the fifth specialty “Stress & Rescue” is obligation.

Considering your age you can start the specialty courses straight after completing your Open Water Diver course and meanwhile explore worldwide amazing dive spots and thus collect the necessary dive experience.

By proofing all four specialties (certifications) and number of dives (logbook) you will be awarded with your Master Diver certification for free.

We give you directly your personal certification at our diving centres in Egypt (diving AKASSIA, diving FLAMENCO).

Turn your passion into profession and pass on your love for diving to the beginners. As a SSI Master Diver you are entitled to go next step into professional diving.

Master Diver: minimum age 15 years


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