Dive courses
in Egypt,
Croatia and Bali


Continue your education in a special area of scuba diving – combine your wishes and demands and create your personal programme – enroll for an SSI specialty course. Your range of skills under water expands due to specialty courses as you learn new skills that enable you to do new things and to explore dive spots that have been hidden to you so far.

There are many reasons why to enroll for a specialty programme. May be to subdue your fears in a certain field or to gain more skills in another area under the supervision of a professional.

We offer you a wide range of SSI specialty programmes. And experienced divers can learn something new as well. Be it for deep diving, be it for the underwater photography or scuba diving with NITROX. And by the way: at our diving centres in Egypt we offer you nitrox 32% FOR FREE.  

These are just a few examples of what kind of specialties is available. You will be surprised of your abilities if YOU are ready for this.


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