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„Diving on wrecks means diving with a certain thrill in the past” – no matter if it has been placed as an artificial reef or tragically sunken. Regardless if it is a ship, airplane or car, most divers cannot overcome the temptation of wrecks. Wrecks awake the spirit of research and are usually full of life.

The SSI Wreck Diving course teaches you all necessary skills to explore and enjoy wrecks in a profitable and safe way.

During the 2 mandatory dives up to a depth of 40 metres/131 feet (provided Deep Dive certification) you learn the correct wreck diving techniques as well as lots of practical skills about diving on wrecks.

You also learn how to locate the wrecks, how to penetrate wrecks (i.e. diving inside an object or area that does not allow an immediate ascent to the surface), how to dive at very poor visibility and how to handle reel-system to find the way back in an emergency or at swirled sediment. Wrecks are irresistible to divers – dive with us in unexplored areas. 


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