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Being neutrally buoyant means hover in the water without up and down movements. It also means be a responsible and a good diver as having good buoyancy control protects the underwater environment.

The SSI Perfect Buoyancy specialty course teaches you to refine and to improve your buoyancy skills that you have already learned during your OWD course.

This course is especially recommended to divers who have just started their diving experience and to those who haven’t dived for a long time. But also experienced divers can take part in this course as we set the exercises according to diver’s current skills.

By completing Perfect Buoyancy course you actively contribute to the environmental protection since divers with good buoyancy control do not damage the reefs.

The SSI Perfect Buoyancy course provides two mandatory dives as well as the knowledge about right handling of the marine life and some useful hands-on exercises.


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