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The SSI specialty course “Enriched Air Nitrox” is the favourite SSI specialty course. The reason why it is so popular is obvious: diving with Enriched Air NITROX enables you having longer no-decompression limits. You can stay longer under water and doing repeating dives you can be under water with shorter surface intervals. No wonder why so many divers decide to enroll for this course.  

The course teaches you how to win more diving time while diving with enriched air (NITROX), how to plan and to do dives with nitrox and how to deal with the extra oxygen. Another important point of the course is the gas analysis; you learn how to analyse your tank and how to prepare your dive computer prior to nitrox dive. 

At the end of the course you are entitled to dive with nitrox up to 40% oxygen. At all our dive centres in Egypt we offer you nitrox 32% for free. 

Requirements: min. 12 years old and (Junior) OWD 


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