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Imagine you are doing a relaxed dive, may be even at our house reef, and you rejoice in the colourful landscape of corals…red, blue, green, soft and hard corals. Or are these rather sponges? What exactly is a coral? How do they get such formations? Over and over you discover life forms under water that you do not know to classify and at the surface you start searching for their pictures in several fish ID books. But the results are quite often not satisfying. Mostly the smallest creatures cannot be identified and at the end the logbook entry is still the same – “many colourful fishes”. We offer you some help on it!


Our marine biologist Katja makes it possible that you know more about the life in, on and around the coral reef. Katja is also paying attention to teach one major point: many divers and snorkelers are not aware of the fact that corals are actually terrific “builders”. Most of the time people consider them as dead rocks and use them as a holding point when taking photos or training buoyancy. And thus a work of decades is destroyed in a few seconds. We would like to raise awareness in this subject: only those who understand the coral reefs will protect them. Katja is never getting tired and keeps explaining those tiny organisms to our divers.


Those of you who are interested into “small stuff” can join Katja for an excursion under the water equipped with an underwater magnifying glass and a stick. Always assuming your knowledge level, your diving skills as well as good buoyancy. While debriefing Katja surprises you with many stories and a lot more knowledge about reef’s inhabitant. Get “kidnapped” into the world of the little stars.


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