Diving for kids
in Egypt
and in Croatia


On all our diving centres in Egypt and in Croatia we are happy to train your kids in scuba diving; our biggest dive program for kids is at diving Abu Dabab. There are different pools available for our training sessions. The water temperature in each pool goes up to 28 degrees. These conditions make the full kids-scuba diving-programs possible and pleasant for training and learning.

At our diving centre at the Mediterranean Sea, in Croatia there is no swimming pool available and that is why we do the “pool-sessions” in confined water, meaning in a place of the sea that corresponds in terms of the depth and entry to the conditions of a pool. This way the kids get the chance to spot fish during their first moments under water already, the water temperature is however less enjoyable and can reach 20 degrees or even below, but unfortunately we cannot influence this fact.

This is the reason why we start our kids’ scuba diving programs from age 12 in our diving centre diving CRES in Croatia and on all our diving centres in Egypt from age 10.

In general the kids learn the same scuba diving skills as the adults; after all at the end of a course all divers – young and old – should be safe divers under water. Therefore the content of the kids’ programs does not differ from the content of an adult course. Please find further information about the courses on the page DIVE COURSES for adults.


Besides well trained team we also offer scuba diving equipment in the right size for our young divers, in a selection like no other diving school is offering.


  • Kids’ jackets
  • Special regulators with small mouth pieces and shorter hoses
  • Kid’s wetsuits (shorty and 5 mm wetsuit)
  • Small and light tanks (6 liter aluminium)
  • Kids’ masks and snorkelers (smaller calibre)
  • Kids’ sizes boots and fins


From age 8, the door to the wonderful world of weightlessness is open to the youngest. Starting from Scuba Ranger program going to Junior Rescue course, the entire world of scuba diving is available for the young generation.

Under the category “Worth Knowing” you can find more handy hints about scuba diving for kids that parents should know and consider. Learn more about what kind of scuba diving programs for children are available, age requirements and more useful information under point “kids courses”.


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