Diving in the Red Sea near Marsa Alam

diving ABU DABAB

One cannot describe what the marine life reveals to its visitors. The feeling of the absence of gravity and the awareness to be able to enter the mysterious primordial element water and to be able to breath is going to change your life sustainably – and in a positive way particularly.


You will see, to learn diving is much easier and lots of fun than you have ever thought. Be excited about new challenges, experience adventure, explore the “endless blue” and meet new friends. We offer high quality SSI (Scuba Schools International) dive programmes. Diving is a wonderful sport and your diving certification will be recognized world-wide.

We from diving.DE are enthusiastic about teaching diving. We will prepare you for one of the most beautiful activities in a safe and relaxed way with lots of fun.

Please find here an overview of different dive programmes and their content.


Most of our instructors are both SSI and PADI instructors. Hence it does not matter whether you are seeking to continue your diving adventures with PADI or to experience your first breath underwater, we will guide you to your goal by offering you a consolidated, safe and relaxed training.


Unfortunately, the Egyptian parliament quickly passed a new type of entertainment tax, which must be paid to the Egyptian tax office from July 16, 2023. Unfortunately, this amusement tax also applies to all diving services and so we, like all other diving centers on the Red Sea, have to pay this tax to the state from July 16, 2023.

The tax rate is 10% on the full invoice amount and unfortunately we have to collect this 10% on the final invoice amount from July 16th. All other taxes and fees (sales tax, coast guard fee, national park entrance fees, the new CDWS exit fee, etc. are still included in our prices).


diving ABU DABAB -
Diving in the Red Sea in Egypt

diving ABU DABAB
Marsa Alam, Egypt
at the El Malikia Resort
38 km north of Marsa Alam

tel 0020 122 6603 351
e-mail abudabab@diving.de