Diving in the Red Sea near Marsa Alam

diving ABU DABAB

In the perfect case the arrival will take place at Marsa Alam airport. The arrival in Hurghada is also possible but then you have a longer transfer time. Both airports can be booked with nearly all German airports.

The transfer from Marsa Alam airport can be affected within less than half an hour. The transfer from Hurghada to the Resort is around 3 hours. The flight time is around four to four and a half hours – depend in which German airport the departure is taking place.


You can find the El Malikia Abu Dabbab Resort in nearly all the big travel agencies and so the booking is very easy: If you book a combination that includes hotel and flight, the visa and transfer is, in the most cases, also included.

You can find here a list of trustworthy travel agencies.


If you want to dive with us before or after a Safari or in combination with a trip to Luxor you can contact us independent at any time. We are then willing to help you with booking a room in this Resort or organizing a transfer.


We are offering an individual pick-up service from both airports for the entire guest who didn’t book with a tour operator.

If you have any further questions or if you need a transfer feel free to contact us: abudabab@diving.de

For your information: Children safety seats are available for free if you book a transfer with us.

diving ABU DABAB -
Diving in the Red Sea in Egypt

diving ABU DABAB
Marsa Alam, Egypt
at the El Malikia Resort
38 km north of Marsa Alam

tel 0020 122 6603 351
e-mail abudabab@diving.de