Dive dreams at the Red Sea in Egypt


Directly from our diving centre we can reach around 30 dive spots. Below you will find just a short list of our most favourite dive sites that you can reach either by a daily safari boat, a jeep/car or directly at the diving centre by foot.


No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced diver already, a “fun” diver or a professional photographer – the South Red Sea/Egypt offers with its unlimited diversity the right dive site for every diver.


Our house reef is not just a dive spot that happens to be in front of our diving centre – it is a real jewel. And we are the lucky ones to have this top dive spot just around the corner.

A drop off wall from 0 to 55 meters (limited dive depth 30m) that reaches for hundreds of meters in both directions. The reef is in his best condition and if you are the lucky one you can spot nearly everything.

In addition to the regular guests like turtles and “our house” napoleon, a big old barracuda visits the reef daily. A school of dolphins has been spotted several times a year, reef sharks cross the reef and a whale shark happened to be there – only once so far. Convince yourself and watch our video of the whale shark at our house reef.

Other diving centres have to go by boat for long time to reach such a reef – we don’t! Only 200 m separate our diving centre from the jetty where we enter the house reef. It is without saying that your equipment will be brought to the jetty by our trolley and our crew helps you to get it on/off and to enter/exit the water.

Since our house reef is an outer reef, it is exposed to the weather conditions, i.e. that diving is sometimes limited or in a rare occasion not possible. Therefore you get an amazing variety of marine diversity which is usual for an outer reef.

In case the house reef is closed due to weather conditions you can choose as alternative any other dive spot from our program. As we other you many other grandiose dive spots despite the house reef.

Even at wind and blind roller no one has to abstain from diving.


Description: It is one of the most famous dive spots and snorkeling places in the south of Red Sea. Abu Dabab is famous for its sea cow (Dugong) who lives there as well as for its beautiful and easy diving reef.

The bay is always worth a day trip even if you are not lucky to see the Dugong. In addition to the healthy, intact reef - one could say - there is almost a guarantee to see the turtles that follow the divers and snorkelers.

Abu Dabab is a big, spacious bay with a nice sand beach. We offer the trip to Abu Dabab as a full day trip. We dive with an easy and shallow entry from the beach. It is a perfect dive spot for young divers and beginners (max. depth is 12m – sea cows prefer shallow waters). Snorkelers and swimmers are welcome to join this trip.

Sunbeds, sun umbrellas and toilets are available on the beach for our guests. If requested by customers our crew can also prepare a delicious Egyptian lunch.

South direction of the diving centre, between Port Galib and Marsa Alam

Transport time:
approx. 90 minutes

Abu Hamra

Description:  a flat entry through a small canyon.Several lush coral blocks. Great chances to spot turtles, napoleon and crocodile fish.

Location: north direction of the diving centre, between el Quseir and Safaga

Transport time: 15 minutes

Abu Saaf

Description: To reach the outer side of the reef you enter this dive spot through a hole in the reef and dive for about 5 minutes through a cave. At the end you find a coral garden that goes up to 20 meters depth. Several small blocks at the depth. To be spotted Spanish Dancer or lobsters.

Location: North direction of the diving centre, between el Quseir and Safaga

Transfer time:
40 minutes

Abu Sawatir

Description: Just a few minutes away from our diving centre you will find a beautiful bay where you can dive along the reef in both directions. Besides the reef you can explore wonderful small and big blocks. Take a closer look on the sandy area. There you can find lots of small creatures as well as over and over the seamoths.

Location: North direction of the diving centre, between el Quseir and Safaga

Transport time:
5-8 minutes (depending on the traffic)

Bet Goha

Description: coral gardens that grow like labyrinths offering several different ways to dive through. Variegated coral types up to a depth of 25 meters. On the south plateau you can observe sand eels – certain calmness provided.

Location: North direction of the diving centre, between el Quseir and Safaga

Transport time:
20 minutes

El Canisa

Description: We start our dive at the point where it drops off up to 35 meters and the wall is covered by all different types of corals. You can find there soft corals, a huge cabbage coral and scleractinia (stony corals). After a few minutes we continue in south direction till we reach a shallower area where at the depth of 14 – 18 meters divers can observe many beautiful blocks. We finish our dive over a sea grass field at the depth of 7 meters where we quite often spot barracudas, dolphins, turtles and napoleons.

Location: South direction of the diving centre, close to the port of el Quseir

Transport time:
15 minutes by car + 15 minutes by boat or dinghy

El Faran (Nemo City)

Description: The dive begins in the north direction of the port of el Quseir where the reef drops off to 20 meters. If you continue your dive from here into east direction, you will find at the depth of approx. 25 meters several blocks covered with anemones and clown fish. You continue your dive with the reef on your right shoulder in the south direction until you reach a shallow area. Here you can enjoy some single amazingly covered rocks. Divers often spot turtles, eagle rays and barracudas.

South direction of the diving centre, close to the port of el Quseir

Transport time: 15 minutes by car + 15 minutes by boat or dinghy

El Makluf

El Makluf

Description: Due to the entrance through a hole in the reef this diving spot is a subject to weather conditions. In good weather there is hardly or no current at the entrance area and thus divers can start their dives without the drift line. After approx. 10 meters the canyon and the drift line bend to the right direction. Close to here there is a little cave and it is worth to stop and to have a look into it – only for divers with good buoyancy skills and with a diving torch. You find the cave just under the drift line and it is a shelter for a school of hatchetfish.
After leaving the canyon, turn left and continue your dive with the reef on your left shoulder. Slowly you descend over a small sand field until you reach at 30 meters depth a small steep face with overhangs (left shoulder side). From here you continue your dive along the steeply sloping reef on your right side. By slowly ascending don’t forget to have a look at the blue…here have been spotted: eagle rays, turtles, schools of barracudas.
Provided enough time and air is left you can explore the dive spot at its south end. Here you will find distinctive table corals. If you are lucky, you can find huge stingrays in this sandy area that cover themselves under the sand. 
You recognize the exit by its boulder field as you will have to dive over it when you come from the sandy area. It is recommended to do the safety stop before entering the canyon as the current conditions might change during the dive due to the tides and waves.

North direction of the diving centre, between el Quseir and Safag

Transport time:
40 minutes by bus

El Shoona

El Shoona

Description: It is a dive side with an easy and shallow beach entrance. It is a huge bay with a wonderful coral garden and lots of fish. There are also some blocks and a sea grass area. Divers spot many crocodile fish and turtles here.

South direction of the diving centre, between el Quseir and Port Gali

Transport time:
75 minutes by bus

El Shora

El Shora

Description: The entrance is through a hole in the reef. Diving along the sandy area divers explore some beautifully overgrown blocks and a small cave system. Afterwards they follow a steep face.

North direction of the diving centre, between el Quseir and Safaga

Transport time:
30 minutes by bus



Description: One of the famous may be the most famous dive spot in the South of Red Sea. This dive spot fascinates every diver for a good reason – ELPHINSTONE REEF is not without a reason the world-wide famous reef.

This reef is a deep dive spot that is far away from the coast and reaches a depth up to 200 meters. We reach this dive spot by boat in approx. 1-2 hours (depending on weather conditions) leaving from the port in Marsa Alam.

An experienced diver can expect there almost everything. In addition to the fascinating coral reef the chances to spot some pelagic sharks are high – e.g. hummer-head sharks and longimanus. Of course, there is no guarantee for this but the chances to spot the sharks while doing your safety stop in the blue are relatively high.

In order to be able to join this dive trip each diver has to prove in his logbook 50 dives as a minimum, at least the AOWD or 2* level or an equivalent one. Due to some strong current conditions it is important to have good diving experience and skills. Each dive is guided by one of our dive master.

Elphinstone is home for many different fish families and hosts some amazing corals types.  Napoleon, turtles, morays and barracudas are regularly spotted there.

South direction of diving centre, between Port Galib and Marsa Alam

Transfer time: approx. 100 minutes bus + 120 minutes boat

Minimum requirements: AOWD, level 2 + 50 dives logged in

Erg Lassal

Erg Lassal

Description: Erg Lassal is besides Erg Monika one of the a few offshore reefs in the region of El Quseir. Going by boat to Erg Lassal and diving there is possible at good weather conditions only.

It is almost a totally circular pillar that is on the bottom of the sea. You can dive around the pillar at different depths during one dive. It is though recommended to do a detour to the close blocks.

Thanks to its exposed location and the quite often currents there are many different coral types and the above-average amount of fish.

Location: South direction of the diving centre, between el Quseir and Marsa Alam

Transport time: approx. 10 minutes by bus + approx. 45 minutes by boa

Erg Monika

Erg Monika

Description: Erg Monika is one of the a few offshore reefs in the region of El Quseir. Going by boat to Erg Monika is only possible at good weather conditions.

The boat anchors at the south end of the reef above a wonderful soft coral block that is at 15 meters depth on the ground. The dives usually start at the west side of the reef following to the north where divers see on their left hand side many little coloured blocks on the ground. Usually divers spot a big school of bannerfish. Further north there are a few more bigger blocks between those fan corals are growing.

Experienced divers manage to go around the reef within one hour at a moderate speed. The amount of fish is usually greater the at the breakwater side. Divers are impressed by the coral hill on that side as well as by barracudas standing in the current in the blue.

Location: South direction of the diving centre, between el Quseir and Marsa Alam

Transport time: approx. 10 minutes by bus + approx. 45 minutes by boat



Just 45 minutes away from our diving centre FLAMENCO, hence a perfect dive spot for a full-day tour by jeep.

This dive spot is an ideal place both for beginners (max. depth 12meters) and snorkelers where you can get a chance to see the stunning sea cow (Dugong). Besides the famous dive spot Abu Dabab this is another place to admire these extremely rare mammals.

Alongside the see grass that is essential for survival of the sea cow you can find beautifully overgrown and intact coral blocks as well as big turtles that like to follow divers and snorkelers. Hence, even if you don’t spot the dugong, this place is worth going there.

However, this dive spot is subject to good weather conditions as too much sand can be raised since this is a shallow dive spot – just as a dugong likes to live in.



This excellent dive and snorkel spot is less known than the Dolphin House however with no good reason. There you have the same or even greater chances to spot dolphins under and above water, to explore beautiful coral reef and on top of this it is a suitable place for the whole family – divers and non-divers.

It is an offshore reef that we reach by boat in approx. 45 - 90 minutes (weather conditions depending) leaving from the port in Marsa Alam. On the spot we offer two dives – one at the outer reef side and one in the protected inner part.

The outer reef presents you all you can expect from the Red Sea and if currents exist divers can do a drift-one-way dive. In the protected inner part divers can explore the beautiful coral garden as well as an old safari boat wreck (approx. 30 meters long) and have a chance to spot the dolphins.

During the two dives just enjoy this place for swimming, snorkeling or relaxing. It is an easy spot and is suitable for divers with 10 logged dives only.



One of our favourite spots that we reach in about 25 minutes by jeep in South direction and where our guests marvel at the entry of this dive spot – “Wow, I haven’t seen such an entry yet.”, is what they say.

The reason is that the entry begins on the beach through a pothole (3x3 meters). You start with feet ahead for about 4 to 6 meters before you continue through a 10 meters long tunnel to reach the colourful coral reef.

It couldn’t be a greater contrast between the beginning, the tunnel and the rich coral garden. On the way back you can use the drift line to assist the exit as currents are usual in this area.

To explore this amazing dive spot each diver has to prove minimum 15 dives logged in logbook. For those who enjoy such entries we are pleased to offer the dive spot El Moghar where the entry is similar.



In former years no one could miss Zerib Kebir since this used to be our spot for check-dives and dive courses. In the meantime we go diving at this site by boat on a full-day tour exclusively.

Straight after a few meters divers explore a huge and extremely variegated reef. Depending on the current, you can either dive Zerib Kebir North or Zerib Kebir South. Alongside enormous and absolutely intact coral garden divers can experience drop off walls, canyons and caves.

You can dive in Zerib Kebir at all weather conditions as it is a protected area. One dive doesn’t suffice to explore the whole spot. Therefore, we recommend you to do at least two dives during your stay at our diving centre – at least one of that with our guide - in order to enjoy truly the beauty of Zerib Kebir. We are sure you will explore something new on each dive.

This is a dive spot for connoisseur – both beginners and professionals will get the most out of it.

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