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Mirko has been PADI Instructor for many years now and he climbed up the PADI hierarchy to the highest level – to PADI Master Instructor. Besides he is involved into all business matters of diving.DE.

He learned how to dive in the lakes of his home and it is said that it has been very long time ago that he can’t even remember it.

His desire for traveling took him to all seven seas but at the end he grounded on the island of Cres in Croatia. It is here that his career as diving instructor began. Mirko and Nicole did not take long to become co-partner of that diving centre and 10 years ago they bought complete shares of diving CRES. This was also the place where he met Werner and they both started to brainstorm about ideas for Egypt.

The whole diving.DE family – both in Egypt and in Croatia – profits from his long-term experience in the diving industry. You can meet Mirko at diving AKASSIA or diving el FLAMENCO where he takes care of the well-being of our guests in a professional and calm way.

Born in West-Africa and grown up in Germany – a traveler between two worlds. Besides diving Mirko has a qualification as “Fachkaufmann in Marketing” (Marketing Executive), hence his tasks within diving.DE are obvious, and a notebook became his constant companion.

There is not much time for private life, in the limited leisure time Mirko travels to long-distanced countries, or goes skiing or driving his motorbike, or he writes. His monthly columns about diving - that have been published in the magazine “UNTERWASSER” for many years now - often create a smile on reader’s face.

Together with Nicole Kiefhaber and Andreas Haeckler, he published his expert knowledge in the book “Modernes Tauchbasenmanagement” (“Innovative Management of Diving Centre”).


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