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Here we’d like to present you just a short list of all our diving spots in our region.


Soon we will present you here more of our wonderful diving spots.


Since last year we have been offering a tour to the other side of the island. This tour is a full day trip. On our first dive we “visit” our wreck – Lina. After that our Mistika goes a bit back and stops in a bay where you can explore the mouldered ruin for about 45 minutes.

During this time our skipper takes care of your lunch. After having enjoyed the food together we start our second dive at Staranaca. A wonderful steep face with a cave at the beginning. If you follow the reef on your left shoulder, you can explore some little canyons until you reach the bay where our boat is waiting for you. Currents are sometimes experienced here.


This is one of our wonderful shallow dive spots – both for beginners and advanced divers. You reach the dive spot that is hidden in a bay in just about 25 minutes ride by one of our comfortable boats. We start at 5 meters depth and recommend you to descend between the numerous blocks to 15 – 18 meters where you can explore lobster and spider crab.  Having seen several fish schools, fan worms and other Mediterranean inhabitants you reach the absolute highlight of this diving site.

At 8 meters depth you see a 20 meters long and 10 – 20 cm wide horizontal crack that opens at its lower part and becomes a tunnel. It can be observed both from its upper and its lower end through an entry of a size approx. 3x3 meters and offers you an amazing view of the maritime life. Thanks to the play of sun light and shadow various creatures come out. Especially to be pointed out are the numerous shrimps and nudibranchs. You can dive easily at both entry areas. But we kindly ask you not to dive through as the unique nature in this microcosm can be easily damaged due to the narrow space.

Approx. 15 meters from the upper end of the crack we recommend you to explore the “Larsens” cave as the end highlight of your dive. It is easy to dive in this cave as it is quite wide and there are pebble stones at the bottom (thus it’s not possible to raise any sediments). At the back end you will find spectacular Gonger eels as well as lobsters.

Be sure you take your torch with you, as you know, it is mandatory even for diving in small caves.


Just after 25 minutes boat ride we reach a classical Mediterranean Sea steep face – Metlikova. Our skipper stops the boat in 5 meter depth and we start diving to the drop-off place that starts at 8 meters and falls straight down to 40 meters.  Pay attention to a small cave at 20 meters where you sometimes can see some puffadder shysharks. You can spot at this steep face almost everything that Mediterranean Sea is offering for a diver – but don’t forget your torch. Especially lobsters can be seen there.

Our diving area offers many different wonderful steep face spots and Nicole’s favourite wall is called Rt. Zaglav. Here, we start our dive in 5 meters, a spot that is perfectly suitable for an interesting safety stop. Here you have a great chance to spot the most favourite maritime creature – the octopus. We dive for about 30 meters through crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea and reach at 5 meters depth the edge of the steep face that drops off to 40 meters. At the left hand side you will see a canyon that leads to a tower. The wall is full of countless holes and overhangs as well as of schools of damselfishes.


Our special divers’ highlight is the wreck “Lina”. The 80 meters long Italian cargo ship for wood lies in a bay that we reach in about one hour boat ride. In 1912, shortly before reaching the destination, the ship ran aground in a snow storm. The ship bow lies upright on the sloping sea bottom in about 27 meters. The screw propeller is at about 55 meters. Due to the absolute diving limit of 40 meters we continue our dive till two third of the ship and turn around at the chimney.

The wow factor is very big at the first contact with “Lina”. The wreck suddenly arises like a wall in front of us. We dive over it and light in both anchor pockets.  Is the Gonger eel at his place? Yes, usually it is. We continue to explore “Lina”. At the bow we still can see both anchors that have been overgrown by sponges in the last 100 years in the sea. Air? Ok! We slowly reach the first deck. It is open to the sky and supported by one crossbar only. Carefully, we dive inside without raising the sediments. What a view: around the stable mast that is covered by fisher nets several schools of breams are dancing around. The sun light gives an additional wow factor. Look at the front, it is captain’s cabin. Continue to the chimney. It lies across the board and some divers can dive through it provided good desire, mood and computer. Here we reach our limit of 40 meters.

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