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At sunset time, you put your gear and mask on and your regulator into your mouth. A big breath in and you jump into night-time underwater world. Even though you have been diving the reef for several times before, this time you experience the reef in a completely new view as you see how the reef awakes while you shine at it with your dive torch.

During the 2 mandatory night dives the SSI Night & Limited Visibility specialty course teaches you all necessary skills and knowledge about diving at night time or limited visibility. You learn how to dive in complete darkness (you train the failure of your torch), how to enter, how to navigate and to lead a group at night time.

“All cats are grey in the dark” – is a well-known saying. We prefer to say “All reefs are colourful in the dark.” At night there is a lot to explore. The marine wildlife is full of surprises; some of the creatures are night active and can be seen at this time only – we can show you where and how. 


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