Many of our team members of diving.DE Flamenco have been with us since the first day in 2008. The team is professional, harmonious and the coexistence is reminiscent of a family. Here we give each employee the opportunity to describe themselves briefly.

The following entries shall be added gradually.

Mokthar - Divemaster

Hello, my friends all over Europe. My name is Mokhtar, many of you know me as Mokhi. I just received my nickname a few years ago, but guess what? I like it!

I am 45 years old, a father of 4 children, Mayar, Maya, Yara, and Ahmed. My children share the same passion as I do. That's why I support them to adventure the sea as much as I can, and as soon as their age permits, I will share with them the experience of diving.

My story with diving.DE began on July 1st, 2007. The previous diving company that possessed the dive center in Flamenco Hotel decided to exit the business within Egypt. It was a nightmare for our team. We didn't know whether the new company would keep or replace us. I had many sleepless nights full of thoughts about the unknown future but never gave up hope and prayers.

We were so happy by the time we knew that our prayers hadn't been wasted as we knew that diving.DE took over the dive center. We heard about the company's excellent reputation, and as we expected, they offered us to continue doing the same job as we did before, and of course, most of us did.

I spent so many good moments with diving.DE as a helper and technical staff, and I will never forget the support I got to continue my education. This support pushed me to complete my Dive Master course, and I achieved my goal to become a professional diver. 

Our management gave me a DM position, and since that day, I became the opportunity to show our guests and friends the beautiful underwater world of my home region El Quseir.

One of my most favorite dive sites is Shaab Rahma, with its beautiful caves and fauna. I really love to show the hidden details of this fantastic spot during my guiding.

Hopefully, soon I will be able to dive with my friends again in Shaab Rahma and all the other spots because this is what I love most. 

Are you ready to dive with me again?