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Modern Management of a Diving Centre

A few years ago our friend, regular guest in Croatia and publisher of “Stuttgarter Gentner Verlag” Erwin Fidelis Reisch asked us “Why at many dive centres he has visited so far, he can’t find the service that a dive guest is expecting these days?” – we also did not have the right answer to this question. And that was the moment when the idea was born to write and publish a book about modern management of a diving centre.

It has taken three years, from the first idea to the publishing of the book. The book is in step with actual practice and informative, it contains a lot of knowledge and experience as well as famous names of experts and professionals of the diving industry. The book covers both subjects about the daily life and business at the dive centre as well as questions about juridical backgrounds, e.g. ISO – certifications.

We herewith express a big thank you to all the authors and creative directors – without your support we wouldn’t have been able to realise the book.

We apologise that the book “Modernes Tauchbasenmanagement” exists so far in German only. However, we are always ready for new challenges.


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