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In 2012 Max decided to rule out the life in an office and to concentrate on diving. At once he quit his management position and worked as dive master / PADI instructor in Indonesia as well as on Maldives. Following his stay in Asia he has been working at diving AKASSIA for about two years where he taught scuba diving to hundreds of adults and numerous children.

In 2014 Max established our centre diving CANDIDASA that he has founded with Werner and Petra. Educated as Marketing Manager and holding an MBA in International Management, Max is familiar with numbers, marketing and sales. 

As a child he snorkeled the world around, he did his first dives in Egypt and dived since then in Thailand, Jordan, the Caribbean, Cambodia and Indonesia of course. Whenever he has got time, he goes under water – for Max, diving is a perfect relaxation.

At his leisure time Max likes to do skiing (that is obvious a rare occasion on Bali), explores as backpacker far away destinations and looks for new opponents for a good match of backgammon.


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