Dive dreams at the Red Sea in Egypt

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On the right you can download our current and detailed price list. The mentioned prices are "on the spot" prices. An advance booking is not necessary with us and is not reflected financially. You can decide on the spot how many dives you want to do, the payment will be made at the end of your stay. You will only be charged for the services you have actually used (modular principle). Of course we automatically charge the most favorable conditions.

Credit cards (Mastercard and Visa) are accepted. Unfortunately, due to the high bank fees for this service, we have to add the usual five percent to the invoice amount in Egypt.

For each diver, the Egyptian government charges a €10.00 fee per week to the Coast Guard. This fee is already included in our dive prices and will not be charged extra.


The Egyptian parliament has unfortunately quickly, secretly and without warning a new entertainment tax decided, which must be paid from July 16, 2023 to the Egyptian tax office.

This entertainment tax unfortunately also applies to all diving services and so we, as well as all other diving centers on the Red Sea, must pay this tax to the state from July 16, 2023.

The tax rate is 10% on the complete invoice amount and unfortunately we have to charge this 10% on the final invoice amount from July 16th. All other taxes and fees (Sales Tax, Coast Guard fee, National Park Entries, the new CDWS departure fee, etc. will continue to be included in our prices).

diving QUSEIR -
diving at the Red Sea in Egypt

diving QUSEIR
El-Quseir, Egypt
at the Silver Beach Resort
7 km north of el Quseir

Tel.:   0020 122 241 6251
Email:   flamenco@diving.de