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We wanted diving CANDIDASA to be a small diving centre with a homely atmosphere and a personal touch. Let us introduce the team below, so you already know who will welcome you before you even leave.


Resa is the last member to join our team and as the youngest, you hardly ever see him without his bright smile. He has a talent for showing up just in time when he is needed and he is happy to lend a helping hand, be it loading boats and cars, helping guests with bulky gear, small repairs, preparing dive tours, keeping the diving centre neat and tidy - or supplying us with the delicious Sate Ikan that his mom makes.
Being the son of our Captain Nengha and a born sea-lover, Resa is always happy to act as a boat captain whenever needed. He has also developed a taste for diving recently and will who knows - he may even be your guide one day... 


Gede is part of our team since July 2018. A veteran in the waters especially around Candidasa and Nusa Penida, he's also perfectly familiar with the Tulamben/Amed area. The 2 times happy father is rather on the quieter side but super friendly and courteous. He can on occasion be quick with a joke and has his very own way of entertaining our guest. Always attentive, even if it may not seem so, he lends a hand without being asked and keeps our divers safe and sound under water. Gede has an amazing eye for the specials around here, like seahorses, ghost pipefish and nudies, but can also read currents and potential hazards. Liked by guest and colleagues alike, he already is one of the pillars in our dive base. 


Yulia joined us in November 2018 straight from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, where she was working for as Assistant Event Manager in a national bank. She loves beaches, she travels around South-East Asia to explore many of the countries. And when she was on the Togean Islands in central Sulawesi for a couple of months to help manage a dive resort there, she gave diving a shot. Immediately falling in love with it she decided to join our team, of course partly on the prospect of being able to get extend her dive education here. Yulia has the entire daily logistics in her hands, assists the management in many details and keeps the office up and running. It is most likely that it will be her welcoming you and doing the check in, answering all of your questions and giving you an overview of all options available to you. And finally, of course, plan your daily dive trips and prepare all logistics and you as best as possible.


Nengah is the captain of our boat and therefore one of the most important team members. Having been a fisherman in the past, he knows the waters around our dive centre like the palm of his hand and can predict currents with great accuracy and therefore suggest the ideal starting points for our divers. He also always follows the bubbles, so even when we surface at a different spot than originally planned - Nengah will be there. And his wife makes some of the best Fish Satay in entire Candidasa!


Komang - together with Resa the youngest in our team. Super curious and with an almost playful urge to have to try everything new, it almost looks as if next to his great work as dive staff we'll be able to train our next excellent snorkel guide as well. Rarely without a fullhearted lough, and always with a joke at hand to lighten the mood of guest and colleagues, with Komang it's almost impossible not to be cheerful as well. 

Nengah Sunarta

We regard ourselves lucky for winning Nengah as our experienced driver in early 2019. Negah has worked as a freelance driver for many years and seems to know even the most hidden little side street, be it in busy Denpasar or in the most remote villages on Bali. He is the man in charge of our minibus and ensures that everything is always in top condition. And as a very conscious and safe driver, he makes sure that all our guests get off the bus well-rested and relaxed. 


Theo has been part of our team since March 2020. As an immigrant from Sulawesi, he is a guide with experience in currents and a keen eye for the little things. He is also working to bring his family - wife and son - from Manado to Bali. Like almost all Indonesians, he is a rather calm person who cannot be easily unsettled by anything. Once he overcomes his initial reserve with new guests, he becomes a very cheerful companion, very helpful, and not too proud to get his hands dirty and pitch in properly. Theo, much loved by both guests and staff, is an integral part of our team.


Wayan has been with us since March 2023. However, we have been working with him as a freelancer for a long time until he eventually decided to join us as a permanent employee. As a former colleague of Gede, he, like Gede, has years of experience in the local waters. Very reserved, but in a typically Balinese manner, always friendly and smiling, our guests appreciate this from the first moment. His down-to-earth nature, friendly and courteous demeanor, and professional competence make him a valuable and popular member both among guests and within our team.


As our Base Leader, Andreas is the man in charge of all operations. Planning, organising and execution of diving tours and courses, HR, customer care as well as overseeing maintenance are lying in experienced hands. Andreas has already spent the last 15 years in Indonesia and worked both on liveaboards and in various dive centres, from Sulawesi to Raja Ampat. Since 2005, he is now based on Bali, where he is happily married to a Balinese lady.
Being a passionate instructor, he still enjoyed teaching just as much as guiding certified divers. And loving currents as well as muck diving, he has found the perfect home at diving CANDIDASA to please both passions alike and convince other divers of the beauty of the underwater world.


Vivian has been part of our team since the beginning of 2024. Her love and fascination for the underwater world have grown steadily since she started diving over 15 years ago. That's why she moved from Germany to Egypt in 2022 and completed her training as an SSI diving instructor there, working at a large and highly visited diving center. Her time in the Red Sea has equipped her with the experience and patience crucial for successful and relaxed diving instruction. With a background in marine biology, Vivian is deeply committed to respect and sustainability in handling the marine ecosystem. Specializing in reef ecology, she now also offers our SSI Marine Ecology courses. If you have any questions about the biology and health of the ocean, Vivian is your top point of contact.


Reza not only shares (almost) the name with another member of our staff, but he is also responsible, just like Resa, for the compressor and filling the tanks. Essentially, he inherited the position from his older brother, who unfortunately had to leave us for family reasons. Reza fulfills this role with the same sense of responsibility and reliability. There is hardly any task where he doesn't pitch in at the forefront. Only boats are not his friend as he unfortunately gets seasick and prefers to provide his excellent service with solid ground beneath his feet.


Wayan completes our team as a Dive Staff. Coming from the hospitality industry, service has become second nature to him. Combined with the inherent friendliness of the Balinese people in general, there will probably never be a moment when you don't see him smiling. Always helpful, always ready to lend a hand, and constantly on the lookout for tasks that need to be done. In addition, his mother makes the best Tipat Tahu in Candidasa at her small Warung. Wayan is, therefore, a perfect addition to an already fantastic team.

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