Dive courses
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Croatia and Bali


Breathing the first time under water is an experience not comparable to any other. One needs a moment to get used to it – humans aren’t meant to do so by nature – but after a few minutes filled with surprises most of the people realise how easy diving is.

The biggest challenge for an instructor during the try dive is not to get people into the water but to get them out of the water at the end of the program. Scuba Diving is fun – once you try it, you’ll love it!

Discover the underwater world. Enjoy your first experience underwater under a professional’s guidance and with rental equipment. For everyone who has always wanted to experience our “silent world” – just dive into a new world and feel comfortable.

The best is, you can continue your training at any time. Having your Try Scuba Diving recognition card your first try dive will be recognised as one of the required dives for Open Water Diver course if you decide to continue the training within 6 months.

Try Scuba Diving: minimum age 8 years


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