Dive courses
in Egypt,
Croatia and Bali


Get certified! If you have always dreamed about diving, if you are looking for adventure and if you want to get to know the amazing underwater world: your diving adventures start right here.

The “classical” dive course. The Open Water Diver Course has been one of the most taught dive course over the world since the 80s. The OWD-programme is THE entry into the wonderful underwater world and teaches you to dive independently with your buddy.

During the four-days-course you learn all skills to be truly comfortable to explore the underwater world. The course consists of theory lessons, pool sessions and dives in the sea. At the end of the course you get the Open Water Diver certification that enables you to dive everywhere in the world and to rent dive equipment.

Your maximum depth during the course and as a certified Open Water Diver is limited to 18 metres / 60 feet and you learn how to plan and to do your dives on your own.

This course is the perfect entry into our sport!

Minimum age: 10 years (Parents consultation is required if signing up your children aged 10 to 12 years for a dive course.)


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